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AddNotaCreditoLet Admin user add a nota di credito for a given Affiliate

AdminPanelAdministration Control Panel

OperationConfirmationSummuary of operation requested and request of confirmation

User activatedConfirms user activation (after being freezed)

User deletedConfirms user deletion

User freezedConfirms user 'freeze' operation

User reportUser activity summary

Users listA full list showing all registered users

AffiliatePanelAffiliates control panel

AffiliateProfileFormA form to edit info about the affiliate

AffiliationFormA form to fill to become an affiliate user

BookingReportA list of all active bookings


ChainFormLet user add/edit a properties chain

ConfirmResourceDeletionAsks for confirmation to delete a resource

ConfirmResourcesClosingIt asks for confirmation while closing one or more resources

DeletePropertyConfirmationAsks for confirmation to delete a property


PendingPropertiesShows a list of pending added properties waiting to be authorized

ProfileConfirmationSummary of profile data and request for confirmation

PropertyConfirmationSummary and confirmation of property data

PropertyFormA form to add a property

ResourceConfirmationSummary and confirmation of resource data

ResourceFormA form to add a resource to a property

ArticlesListList of all articles in a given category

CategoryListList of all categories

MostRecentArticlesLast (10, 20) articles from all categories

View articleView the extended version of the article.

ArticleFormForm to submit a new article or to edit an existing one.

ArticlePreviewShows the final rendering of the article

ConfirmActionAsks for user confirmation

EditorPanelArticle editor main screen

SubmitConfirmationAsk for confirmation from the user to submit new/modified article

HighlightsListTwo or three featured resources

PropertyReportA mini-report about a given property

ResourceReviewReviews and rankings about the given resource

AdvancedSearchFormMore refined search

CarRentalsFormMain hotels search form

CreditCardFormHere the authenticated user enters his credit card number to validate it not being charged

HotelsFormMain hotels search form

ReservationConfirmedReservation completed and ok.

ReservationSummaryList of all reservation data

RestaurantsFormMain restaurant search form

SearchResultSearch results listed and paginated in rows

AccountActivatedA page telling the user he/she has activated his/her account

LoginFormIt permits the user to authenticate before checking the booking

RegistrationFormLets an anonymous user to submit her/his data to be registered

RegistrationStartedA page telling user he should have received a mail with activation link

RegistrationSummaryReview all registration data before submitting.